How Unsubscribing From Emails Can Help You Save Money

We often subscribe to various email newsletters when we buy things online or when we want to get a freebie.

We do this unconsciously and we don’t even realise the number of emails that we then start to receive with new tempting offers and new products that we feel we must have because they’re fashionable now or because others have them.

These marketing emails target our FOMO feelings – fear of missing out – and really do a trick on us to keep buying stuff. They are designed in a flashy way with lots of tempting words like “50% off” or “limited offer, expires tomorrow” and include colourful buttons to grab our attention and click on them.

Avoiding Temptations by Unsubscribing

The best thing you can do to avoid temptations and unnecessary spending is to go through your inbox of past marketing emails and then open the first email you spot, go to the bottom to find the unsubscribe button and click on it. Then remove your subscription.

Repeat this for all marketing emails that you can find and for all the new ones that come in.

This might sound time-consuming but it is so worth it to get it done once.

And not to mention that your inbox will be cleaner and you’ll be helping the environment because for these emails to be sent and stored, big data centers are needed which run on a lot of energy.

Finally, whenever you spot new email subscriptions that you might have missed, repeat the above steps. And if you do want to get a freebie, no one is stopping from doing so but just be mindful that the emails will start coming in so maybe unsubscribe as soon as you get the freebie.

Here’s to fewer emails and less spending!

You can do this!

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