Hello You!

Welcome to our Money Mastering blog! We’re so grateful you found our website and blog!

Our names are Fhram and Iliyana and we’re really just like you – two regular people on a quest to a peaceful but full of joy life where we are in control of our money rather than let money control us.

As a married couple, we’ve had our own struggles with money even before we met. We’ve dealt with debt but we’ve also learned to save and invest.

Throughout this journey we found out that many others struggle with managing their personal finances but keep quiet about it out of shame and guilt. Talking about money is not normalised and it’s definitely not on the curriculum of schools or universities.

So we set out on a mission to teach basic financial literacy and share all the knowledge we have accumulated over the years in an easy-to-follow book, written in simple language anyone can understand. We called it Money Mastering.

We started this project in April 2022 and in September 2022 we published the book in English. The Spanish version followed in November.

But we didn’t stop there. We realised that to truly change your financial habits and learn to manage your money better, you need to apply the knowledge that you’ve acquired from the book, not just have it at the back of your head.

So we created money management journals to track your spending, debt, savings, budget and more and we even opened an Etsy shop full of personal finance printables so you have practical tools to apply the learnings from the book.

And now, we’ve also launched this website and blog to continue sharing tips and inspiration about personal finances.

Thank you again for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the upcoming blog posts!

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